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As requested here is a list of my most commonly recommended items. This page may include affiliate links which means you don't pay more, but I get a small return for referring you to the site. Don't forget to look for promo offers some companies provide Catchers U players. 

Major League Mindset

Want to skyrocket your performance on the field? (...without changing anything physically?)


While also becoming the absolute best version of yourself off the field? If so, join the hundreds of baseball and softball players who've come through the Major League Mindset program and done just that.


for a discounted price of $497 ($500 off)

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Sensory training helps the brain process the game more efficiently. With faster processing and reaction, you have more time to hit the ball, tag an opponent, or make the critical catch.

Senaptec evaluates and improves your fundamental skills. For example, better visual clarity helps see the ball in flight. Stellar contrast sensitivity helps you locate a ball among the clouds. Multiple object tracking keeps you aware of all players. The best reaction time gives you the ability to make the right movement at the right time. For these skills and more, sensory training is a game-changer.


for $15 off

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We hate bat sting too. ThubPRO designed their thumb guard with your game in mind. Specially made with shock absorbing polymers.


The ThumbPRO's full coverage design stays put and absorbs shock where you need it most. Get the most out of your swing!


15% off order

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Performance Pitch

Performance Pitch is a towel that has been installed in a small baseball where your fingers grip the stitches. The smaller size baseball reduces strain on the forearm that a larger baseball would cause. ls

20% off your order

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JZ Sports

JZ Sports' Multi-Curve is the complete package in a single ball. Curveball, screwball, rise ball, and drop ball; does it all. Catchers can work on framing realistic pitches without overusing your pitchers. 


10% off order

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NUTSHELLZ offers the highest level of groin protection available and is trusted by professional athletes in the MLB, NHL, UFC, and Military and Law Enforcement Officers.

NUTSHELLZ offers patented bullet resistant cups made in the USA


for 20% off

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Sabermetrics is a baseball apparel company. The rules of the brand are simple:

Come as you are. 
Be who you want to be. 
Respect the game. 
Act wisely when you’re a guest in someone else’s corn.
In turn, they will do their best to provide you with authentic gear that will help you “always be in season.”®


15% off order

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HECOstix are revolutionary hand eye coordination trainers which require users to track colors and process information rapidly in order to catch them correctly. Because HECOstix are made with a proprietary blend of EVA foam, they are soft enough to allow people of all age and skill level to participate.


10% off order

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C25 Baseballs are weighted baseballs that can be used with pitching machines. There are both overload training 6oz, 7oz, and 8oz.  Also underload training 3oz and 4oz.

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10% off order

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armored heat.jpg
Armored Heat

Complete Arm Strengthening program with a new program every two weeks to maximize development. Includes 6 day a week programming (2 days x Complete, 2 x Scapular emphasis, and 2 x Recovery/Mobility), Full Video instruction/demonstration and access to all of our App content

Code "CatchersU"

For $5 off a month

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