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Camp Descriptions

Winter Camp

Winter camp comprises three phases. Players may attend all phases for the most comprehensive training experience. Players may also choose to attend only some phases. 

Phase descriptions:

Phase 1

This 6-week phase solely focuses on receiving and blocking. Catchers will be taught both traditional and one-knee down stances and how to block/receive from both types. There will be no throwing during this 1st Phase of our Winter Training Program. Catchers will also receive visual, mobility, game management, and leadership training. 

Phase 2

This 6-week phase will add to what we covered in Phase 1. In addition to receiving and blocking work catchers will also start working on throwing to bases. Classes will cover footwork and throwing to all bases. It will also expose catchers to arm care during this Phase.

Phase 3

This 6-week phase in our final off-season course to get our catchers fully prepared for the season.  Phase 3 catchers will continue working on receiving, blocking, and throwing to bases. This phase is to make our catchers game ready. We will also provide feedback and help coordinate bullpens for our catchers to catch outside their assigned classes.

In Season Camp

The In Season program is an opportunity for catchers to keep their skills sharp during their respective season. The program covers weekly receiving, blocking, and throwing to bases. The main focus is to prepare catchers for their upcoming games and to review plays from previous games that need additional work. 

In season camps occur during the spring and fall seasons. 

Small Group

Camps may be offered in the small group format to provide training in a semi-private setting.

Drop your pop

Drop Your Pop is a catching clinic that’s sole focus is to improve your catcher’s throwing to bases!!! The workshop will cover transfer, footwork, and utilize cutting edge technology that will give our catchers the feedback they need to improve their game! 

Own the zone

Own the Zone is a catching clinic where catchers work on their receiving from the ground up. Drills will focus on all aspects of receiving!!! Catchers will work on receiving fastballs and off speed pitches. 

Private events

Catchers U works with teams and leagues to develop custom camps for their players. Training objectives are catered to the needs of each team.


Having us at your team practice starts at $250 for 90 mins. 

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