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About Us

Catchers U® seeks to guide players to build the foundation to comfortably and confidently support their team through using proven techniques along with the stable support of a strong role model to help them physically and mentally be prepared for what the game may throw at them.

What you can expect when your child works with Catchers U®:


Foundation: Increase endurance and strength for holding the necessary catcher position 

Response and Recovery: Establish the movement patterns before working on speed in order to effectively drop your pop 

Mindset: Through the work ethic needed to master the position, response and team support your kids will learn in becoming an excellent catcher, your kids will also master the values and morals that you will be proud to have them carry into adulthood.


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Why Catchers U was Started

Why Catchers U was Started

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The Camp Experience

The Camp Experience

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Camp v. Lessons

Camp v. Lessons

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The Team

Jack Ferrick

Co-Founder, CEO, Head Coach

Jack is an award winning baseball coach and instructor from Northern Virginia with over 12 years of experience. He played for the United States Naval Academy, serves as an associate scout to the Milwaukee Brewers, and served as the head baseball coach at Osbourn Park High School for 8 seasons. Jack wouldn't want you focusing on his resume, because what matters to him is the success of his players. See the alumni here. 


Sarah Torres-Ferrick

Co-Founder and COO

Sarah handles the business side of Catchers U®. (Don't ask her any baseball or softball questions, but feel free to ask her business questions). She has worked in human resources within the Department of Defense, helps small businesses scale, and works as a career coach. Sarah loves working to make Catchers U® the best company for catchers to grow in a way that also supports parents and caregivers. 


The Facilities

(Gainesville/Vint Hill)
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Replay Baseball
MVP Baseball
(Herndon / Reston)
coming soon.png
NOVA Sportsplex
top plays_edited.jpg
Top Plays Sports Facility
(Stafford / Fredicksburg)
Image by Mark Duffel

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