Jack Ferrick

Catchers U® seeks to guide players to build the foundation to comfortably and confidently support their team through using proven techniques along with the stable support of a strong role model to help them physically and mentally be prepared for what the game may throw at them.

Why Coach Jack? Jack Ferrick is an award winning baseball coach and instructor from Northern Virginia with over 11 years of experience. He has played for the United States Naval Academy, serves as an associate scout to the Milwaukee Brewers, and served as the head baseball coach at Osbourn Park High School for 8 seasons.


He also instructs teams and players one on one. Coach Ferrick has been named the 2014 Cedar Run Conference Coach of the Year as well as coached his team to their first ever conference title in the school’s 50 year history.


He is highly regarded as one of the area’s premier hitting and catching instructors and has helped numerous players continue beyond the high school level. Coach Ferrick is known for his exceptional ability to communicate his knowledge to a wide spectrum of age groups, and he uses an interactive style of instructing that forces his students to understand his lessons both physically and, more importantly, mentally. Beyond just knowledge of the game, Ferrick’s tenure in the United States Navy helps him to serve as a positive role model for students and instill them with the highest ideals of morality during every lesson, practice, and game.

What you can expect when your child works with Coach Jack: Foundation: Increase endurance and strength for holding necessary catcher position Response and Recovery: Establish the movement patterns before working on speed in order to effectively drop your pop Mindset: Through the work ethic needed to master the position, response and team support your kids will learn in becoming an excellent catcher, your kids will also master the values and morals that you will be proud to have them carry into adulthood.


Learn the drills I teach all my players to develop their catching foundation, so they can comfortably and confidently support their team.

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