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  • What are your training options?
    We offer weekly camps in the fall, winter, and spring. We also offer one day camps at various times of the year. We also have private and online lesson options.
  • What age groups do you work with?
    We work with youth to college players. Our youngest players are around 8.
  • My kid is new to catching. Where should we start?
    Camp is a great option for new players. We group players by developmental level within each camp.
  • My kid is a high-level player. What options do you have?
    Our camps are great for high-level players. Our coaches group players by their developmental level. Private lessons are a great option too.
  • Do you have softball options?
    Yes! We have softball camps and private lessons.
  • What is camp like?
  • Should I book a camp or a private lesson?
  • How did Catchers U start?
  • What does my player need to bring to camp?
    All players need their own catching gear, including a mitt. However, players at the Introduction to Catching camp only need a glove (it does not have to be a catcher's mitt). Players must wear sneakers or turf shoes. Cleats are not permitted. Baseball/softball pants are not required. Players should wear comfortable athletic attire. Need help picking gear? See below.
  • How do I pick gear for my player?
  • What gear does my catcher need at home?
  • How do I get a makeup session for camp?
    Makeups are not guaranteed. If your player cannot attend a camp session, then you can request to make up that session at another time subject to the below terms: ​ - Make-ups are subject to availability. ​ - Make-ups require advance notice. No calls/no shows are not eligible for make-ups. ​ - Players are only eligible for a make-up session for their current term. Make-ups cannot be transferred to other camps. For example, make-ups for Winter Phase 1 must occur during Winter Phase 1. ​ - Make-up sessions must be for the same type of session the player is signed up for. For example, a player in a youth session cannot have a make-up at a middle school session. ​ - Some sessions in the same camp term may have different prices. A player in a lower-priced session may use their make-up session at a higher priced session if the associated make-up fee is paid. ​ - Make-ups cannot be transferred to other players or for private lessons. ​ - Make-ups cannot be arranged before the camp term starts. ​ - One-day camps, private lessons, and private events are not eligible for make-ups. ​ - Make-up requests must be sent using the make-up request form (see below). A new form must be submitted for each make-up request and for each player.
  • I need to move my private lesson. What should I do?
    Private lessons can be moved at no cost. Just use this form or email for help. You may also cancel your private lesson for a refund minus the cancellation fee.

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