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Learning to be an exceptional baseball or softball player is about more than the physical drills, the outstanding response time, and winning games.


You want your kids to learn what it means to work for something, you want them to experience the value of seeing their hard work pay off, and you want them to know what it means to overcome the challenges life may throw at them as they work their way to the lives they dream of...


To learn more about why Coach Jack Ferrick is a powerful role model both on and off the field, click HERE.

Learn the drills I teach all my players to develop their catching foundation, so they can comfortably and confidently support their team.

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You want your kids to do their best... for the game, for their future, for themselves.


You want to help them to improve their performance. 


You want them to have the best chance possible of furthering their baseball or softball career,


And to be well rounded and good citizens prepared to face the challenges of an uncertain future.


You want them to enjoy the game.

I want you to have those things too. 


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