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Valle Eagle 27WT Weighted catcher’s training mitt model in the Valle trademark all white color . Our extremely popular model  Eagle 27 training glove has been our best selling catcher’s training mitt and with many MLB catching coaches & college coaches requesting that we provide this model with built in weight to bring it to a weight equal to and sometimes heavier than most game size catcher’s mitts, we now are offering this new model to our customers.  This additional weight now allows the player to not only benefit from the smaller size pocket for training to receive the ball consistently in the same part of the mitt, but the additional weight also helps in strengthening the receiving skills of the player & will help a catcher develop better control of their mitt with increased pocket awareness.


The Eagle 27WT  is  made with quality Japanese Steerhide  leather, major league quality  USA tanned lacing, additional padding and the design and shape is what the pros have been asking for. This training glove will help you to catch the ball with better mechanics. Quality built to last , with small size pocket to promote good catching habits for catcher’s as they warm up pitcher’s and use in all practice times. Catcher’s need to have good ball transfer and focus when catching. This mitt will help the high school to pro player improve the key skills of being a good receiver.


Valle Training Gloves are the “only” white color training gloves for baseball and softball players.  The most recognizable white color, highest quality, best design, best feel, and why the pros to little league players choose Valle. 


Don’t forget to purchase the Eagle G Pad, for that extra padding protection.


Train Like A ProTM

Eagle 27WT Weighted Mitt by Valle Gloves

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