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Make-Up Policy

Make-ups are not guaranteed. 

If your player cannot attend a camp session, then you can request to make up that session at another time subject to the below terms:

- Make-ups are subject to availability. 

- Make-ups require advance notice. No calls/no shows are not eligible for make-ups.

- Players are only eligible for a make-up session for their current term. Make-ups cannot be transferred to other camps. For example, make-ups for Winter Phase 1 must occur during Winter Phase 1. 

- Make-up sessions must be for the same type of session the player is signed up for. For example, a player in a youth session cannot have a make-up at a middle school session. However, middle school players in a combo middle and high school session can have a make-up in a high school only session. 

- Some sessions in the same camp term may have different prices. A player in a lower-priced session may use their make-up session at a higher priced session if the associated make-up fee is paid. 

- Make-ups cannot be transferred to other players or for private lessons.

- Make-ups cannot be arranged before the camp term starts.

- One-day camps, week camps (such as spring break camps), private lessons, and private events are not eligible for make-ups. 

- Make-up requests must be sent using the make-up request form (see below). A new form must be submitted for each make-up request and for each player. 


If Catchers U® closes (for example because of a weather emergency) you will be notified of how your missed event or session will be handled. 

Make-Up Request Form Instructions:

- Please complete a form for each missed session. 

- Please include the exact session name, date, and time for your make-up requests. 

- View our camp schedule here.

- Small group sessions incur a $25 make-up fee if the player is not currently enrolled in a small group session. There are no make-up fees for other sessions.

Make-Up Request Form
Choose a time
Choose a time
Choose a time

Your make-up request form has been submitted. Please expect a response within 3 to 5 days.

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